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Apple Hills - Binghamton, NY

Pick fruit in Binghamton, Ny

Fresh Fruit Farm

Strawberry picking in Binghamton, NY
Fresh fruit and vegetables in Binghamton, NY


Get fresh food all year long at our online shop. Find fresh fruit packages, spices, and more that you can order instantly and send to friends and family!

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Raspberry picking in Binghamton, NY
Apple Dumpling Cafe
Fresh cooking all year round!

Enjoy everyday fresh meals made with seasonal produce that warm the soul, bring people together, and leaves you wanting more.


Bring a piece of the country home or send it to your friends and family when you shop at our cafe or online. Shop instore for fresh produce, spices, country vintage decor, and more. Shop online now.


Family, Birthday Party, Events in Binghamton.

Come join us with your friends and family for one of our many exciting events.

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Family memories at Apple Hills in Binghamton, New York.

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We love seeing and hearing how your day was at Apple Hills. So, post your pictures and memories on our wall and stay connected to what happens on the farm. It's always better to share together!

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